Autism Recovery Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Our Experience Part 1

This is a first hand account of using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as one in every of many natural treatments for symptoms of Autism. This specific article recounts our initiation into the remedy. The date became December 22, 2010 and our 10-year antique, Danielle. Turned into scheduled for her very first HBOT session.

To be sincere, I turned into a little distracted that day due to the fact our 3rd daughter had a minor surgery executed that morning. While I become pleased approximately having Danielle receive the HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) for the first time, my efforts and emotions were spent tending to Victoria. That morning even as we had been on our manner home from Victoria’s surgery my dad took Danielle to her appointment on the Grass Valley Wellness Center. The founders are expensive family friends who have been maximum instrumental in pointing us closer to diverse methods of restoration for our children. For a few years we’ve got been conscious that the Wellness Center gives HBOT, however currently my dad had taken the initiative to get the ball rolling on getting Danielle and Sophia appointments to obtain the therapy. We had decided Danielle would cross first.

Basically, the entire consultation took about an hour and my dad become able to sit within the chamber together with her in order that she wouldn’t be nervous. She become also allowed to take her Nintendo DSi interior to assist pass the time. He described it to me once they got domestic, announcing that it felt plenty like whilst you ascend or descend in elevation or on an airplane. It even sounded a little bit like being in an airplane, and they often had to alter their ears to the pressure. The therapist did point out that if our daughter was congested it may be quite uncomfortable, but she had no problems in any respect on the grounds that that turned into no longer the case. And as soon as Danielle got used to being within the chamber she commenced to loosen up and play her video games.

THE IMMEDIATE RESULTS I was in a piece of surprise and awe over that whole struggle-loose day! You see, one of the ultimate important blocks we are going through on Danielle’s avenue to restoration from Autism has been a steady, steady, continual, ever-gift competition from her touching on almost every pastime or request we provoke. I’ve in no way had her evaluated for ODD, however after I test the list of signs of ODD I sense like I’m studying a short description of her existence so far. From as a ways lower back as I can remember (once she began to speak), she has protested against each single factor…Even towards her very own goals! This, of path, is especially directed towards me or her dad (from time to time my dad and mom too) due to the fact she would not ought to “keep it together” at domestic or with us like she does whilst in public. (Although it frequently takes place with us in public to a lesser diploma.)

When she first started to speak it would go something like this: Let’s say Danielle wanted to devour an apple. She would technique me and say with an disappointed voice, “Mommy, you said I can’t have an apple?!” After several mins of “arguing” the truth that I will gladly supply her an apple, she might finally be given it and eat it. Most of the time it might require that I say some thing like, “OK, Danielle, then I might not give you an apple,” and then she would right now accept it in competition to the assertion. Often the scene includes yelling and viait Clínica de Recuperação em Imbituba tension on her element. As she has gotten older and greater verbal, the interchanges every so often end up very drawn out. We have taken many hours of discern ABA schooling lessons and simply this month wrote a behavioral plan with our consultant to be able to try to deal with the arguing. It has spilled over into her socialization competencies as properly, making friendships even greater tough than they already had been for her to nurture and navigate. She might also want nothing extra than to look “Sally,” speaking about it on and off for hours till the moment arrives to see and greet “Sally.” At that very moment whilst she sees “Sally” she acts the complete opposite of what she feels in the direction of Sally – to the factor of outright rudeness and mistreatment of “Sally”. It appears an evil jail which holds captive her very capacity to pursue the easy and delightful goals of her coronary heart.

I KEPT BRACING MYSELF ALL DAY Not once that day did I actually have a unmarried protest, argument, meltdown, or warfare from her of any kind. This is nothing short of AMAZING! Believe me, there had been many times that day after I braced myself for the typical response. When I asked her to smooth her room I changed into mentally going over our behavioral plan in order that I will be equipped to behave. When we went to see Christmas lighting fixtures she wanted to recognise why we couldn’t get outside and stroll like anyone else. She flippantly common my reply and asked, “Can we stroll subsequent 12 months?” You may want to have picked my jaw up off the floor.

Here are the characteristics I observed in her the day of her first HBOT session: (Qualities we have been targeting in prayer recently in order that she may be happier and greater content, and in order that her pals will now not sense alienated through her.)

Ability to go together with the go with the flow
Ability to listen and receive a verbal reply that we offer to a query she might also have
Willingness to frivolously comply with directions or observe a request
General sense of happiness
Greater humorousness
Ability to communicate with out becoming visibly agitated or angry
I did not be aware her being irritable at all that day